Can we have a copy of your academic certificates for verification?
All the Bachelor's degree and Masters' degree academic scrolls are available at the tuition centre for parents and students to verify.

How do I sign up for your tuition class?
Please drop an SMS to 82513684 with your full name, school and selected timeslot. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the administrative staff. 

What do I have to bring along for every lesson?

Writing materials. All Economics notes and worksheets will be provided by the tutor.

Why is the tuition fee so expensive?

All Economics tuition classes are fully taught by Mr Anthony Fok, one of Singapore's top 5 "most sought-after" super tutors. (The Sunday Times newspapers). There are limited vacancies and students under his guidance have achieved good results in their A-level Economics examinations.


What if I am unable to attend a lesson due to school activities or if I am feeling unwell? ​

Kindly inform the administrative staff as soon as possible. The staff will try to arrange for an alternative lesson with another class group. However, if you are unable to attend the makeup class or if there are no available slots in other classes, then, there will strictly be no refund of fees. Students are advised to attend all lessons faithfully to achieve the best possible results.